torsdag 28 augusti 2008

The day that never comes

En kort sekund under första genomlyssningen av mitt I-Tunes-exemplar av nya Metallica singeln tänkte jag att produktionen lät lite fattig. Tack vare det här uttalandet av en norsk audiofil är nu debatten i full gång på nätet.

"Oh my God, this is unfortunately a classic example of how bad things get when studio technicians and musicians gets to play with expensive compressors and limiters," he said. "The file is a 313 kbps AAC sound file, which isn't necessarily that bad, but someone has chosen to maximize the volume with a compressor, so much so that the whole sound file just sounds like mud. The cymbals sound like broken glass, the drums like trees cracking, and the guitars — which are mixed equally loudly — sound like someone shoved a screwdriver into my ears."

När till och med Universal Music säjer följande vet man att något har gått fel.

"There will be a new version of the song on iTunes in a short while," Eivind Slotsvik, senior product manager at Universal Music Norway, told Faro Journalen."

Min fråga är, får man en ny version gratis rakt in i sitt I-Tunes nu?

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