tisdag 7 februari 2012

This is rock 'n' roll, guys, not the Family Channel

Min hjälte Kory Clarke skräder inte orden när han äntligen släpper taget om doom-trollet Trouble.

"This metal album will be high energy, with a fresh artistic approach to the genre without the limitations of the over-50-something religious crowd," Kory laughs. "It will be so nice to be working without the shackles that a previous singer has left behind of a band that is over 30 years old and acts and sounds like it. 

I like to do progressive, pushing-the-boundary lyrics in an individualistic style. I don't want to sound like Ozzy, like [TROUBLE's] old singer [Eric Wagner] tried to do. I am also glad when I look to my left on stage from now on I will not be seeing 'Derek Smalls' in my peripheral vision. [Laughs]." 

He adds, "I just cannot play with people who are fundamentalist Christians, or too family-oriented to the point that they can't tour, do records or knock down a few margaritas with me at the bar. This is rock 'n' roll, guys, not the Family Channel."

Enough said!

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